Discover the Curaçao cuisine during your stay on Curacao

Curaçao cuisine is a blend of many cultures originating in the Caribbean, South-America, Europe and Asia. The range of restaurants on Curaçao is large and varied; from local food to haute cuisine, often with a Caribbean twist. Typical for the island are the many food trucks along the roads, locally known as “truk’i pan”.

Culinary delights on Curacao

The varied cuisine of Curaçao offers something for everyone. But what are the typical island specialties that you should really try during your stay? 

Kabritu - Goat meat: There are goat herds all over the island, which is why goat meat is also a popular local dish. The tender meat is full of flavor and is used for various dishes. Like the delicious Kabritu Burgers at Bandabou.

Piska Ku Funchi - Fish with polenta: Curaçao is surrounded by beautiful sea so delicious fresh fish can be caught. The most popular fish on the island is the Red Snapper and is traditionally served with polenta, fried banana and raw vegetables.

Explore the restaurants at the resort 

Restaurant Karakter

Ein erfrischendes Getränk oder ein ausführliches Abendessen im Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort auf Curaçao genießen? Das geht! In unserem Resort befindet sich direkt am Strand das gemütliche „Karakter“, ein Strandclub und Restaurant.

Koraal Pool & Rooftop Terrace

Koraal Rooftop Terrace ist ein weiteres gemütliches und feines Restaurant in unserem Resort, in dem Sie sich keine Sekunde langweilen werden!

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