Schwimmen mit Delfinen auf Curaçao

Auf der Insel Curaçao können Sie an einigen Stellen mit Delfinen schwimmen. Es ist auch möglich, die Delfine aus der Ferne zu bewundern und trotzdem die Präsenz dieses wundervollen Tieres zu erleben! An der Rezeption informieren wir Sie über die (Reservierungs-)Möglichkeiten. Wir organisieren dies gerne für Sie!

Dolphin Academy and Curacao Sea Aquarium

The Dolphin Acadamy is the place to meet dolphins. But you can experience much more here as the Dolphin Academy is part of the Curacao Sea Aquarium. You can meet many other marine animals at the Curacao Sea Aquarium. The Curaçao Sea Aquarium is  about half an hour from our resort.

In the aquarium, you can admire a variety of sea animals, including all kinds of coral fish and unique sea horses. These are very popular with children, as are the dolphins. Large sea lions can be found here too. There is a special department where injured marine animals are taken care of. Once they are healthy again, they are released in the wild.

The Underwater Observatory

In a special underwater observatory, which resembles a submarine, you can see sharks, rays, turtles, and much more without having to put on your swimsuit!

Other Sights at the Curaçao Sea Aquarium

There are many other attractions to visit, including the dolphin show, the sea lion show, the nurse shark action show, the aquarium tour, the flamingos (if you missed them at our resort!), the stingray encounter and the touch tanks where you can touch marine animals under professional guidance. A wonderful experience for young children and adults!

Swimming with dolphins on Curacao 🐬


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